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We have invited 15 executives and payments experts from top companies to reveal their best practices and lessons learned from expanding into Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Mastercard: Digitalization and fraud in LATAM

Biggest challenge for global players like Microsoft, Amazon, Shopify is not only to prioritize the LAC region. Kiki del Valle about Latin America being the fastest growing eCommerce market, and as number 1 region also the most vulnerable to fraud and cyberattack.

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Google: How payment localization in LATAM can drive success

With her experience at two tech giants as Google and Uber, Carol Schimmelpfeng is sharing her first hand experience about the importance of localization of your payment strategy in Latin America. Why crossborder is not always working in Latam and about the importance of local credit cards and APMs like cash and eWallets in the region.

Wikimedia screenshot video

Wikimedia: The 1.3 billion person opportunity - opening the Indian market

Wikimedia tried to fundraise in India for 8 years. Back in 2013, the Indian regulatory framework tightened and as most eCommerce players at the time, they saw their transaction approval rate go down dramatically. They then decided to stop raising funds from India until they had an efficient solution.