dLocal’s For Platforms brings a unified payment solution for eCommerce marketplaces, ride-sharing solutions and social media platforms

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Nuvemshop partners with dLocal to unlock local payment method challenges for small and medium-sized businesses.

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, April, 13th 2023 – dLocal, a technology-first payments platform enabling global enterprise merchants to connect with billions of consumers in emerging markets, today announced the official launch of a new all-in-one payment solution to manage global platform payments in one place. dLocal for Platforms is an end-to-end payment solution for marketplaces, on-demand services, and any other platform business models.

The new solution allows the platform to onboard sellers, service providers, or contractors onto the platform itself, while dLocal has them verified before paying out. It also enables the platform to accept payments on behalf of its users, split the payments between one or more users, deduct costs as needed, and hold funds until payout. Funds can be moved within the platform to debit or credit funds.

dLocal for Platforms, initially soft-launched to a small group of customers, is a scalable, secure, and seamless solution to any platform business model operating in emerging markets. It provides the fastest and easiest way to  accept payments, and make payouts to sub-accounts within the same platform.

Of particular significance, dLocal for Platforms utilizes one single API integration to allow users to pay in local currency, as well as distribute and split payments to any number of users, while automatically setting fees or commissions before paying out the final amount. dLocal for Platforms offers a complete suite to manage the platform’s payments from one place, including consolidated reporting, refund and chargeback management.

Notable features and benefits of the platform include:

dLocal for Platforms is already live and ready to use, available on dLocal’s website.

“We have started a promising journey in Argentina. dLocal brings a flexible product and a willingness to continue developing features our merchants need. This flexibility can also be a lever to potentially expand our partnership to other markets such as Mexico and Brazil”, said Rodrigo Rivera, CSO of Nuvemshop, the leading e-commerce platform in Latin America that powers more than 108,000 brands looking to launch, develop and promote their own online businesses.

Federico Mazzoli, VP Product at dLocal, explained that the new solution, designed to overcome the complex process of receiving and distributing payments from different countries, to different users, will be particularly beneficial for online marketplaces, ride-sharing companies, eCommerce on social media platforms and social media ads.

“We developed dLocal for Platforms as a white-label payment solution,” said Federico Mazzoli of dLocal. “Everyone selling their services or products on a platform, relies on receiving their payment in due time and order. That’s where we step in to sort the challenges they face when offering a convenient and local check out experience, for both, sellers and customers. No need to connect to hundreds of different processors and way less hassle when making payments to other merchants or sellers. We focused on this long-standing complexity and figured out how to simplify the process through our platform, giving merchants that peace of mind when it comes to payments.”

About dLocal

dLocal powers local payments in emerging markets, connecting global enterprise merchants with billions of emerging market consumers across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through the “One dLocal” concept (one direct API, one platform, and one contract), global companies can accept payments, send pay-outs and settle funds globally without the need to manage separate pay-in and pay-out processors, set up numerous local entities, integrate multiple acquirers and payment methods in each market.

For more information, visit https://dlocal.com.