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PIX Webinar
Introducing Brazil’s first instant payment system

At dLocal we are ready to enable your business to accept Pix with, basically, the flip of a switch.

The Central Bank of Brazil is about to launch its new instant payment system, Pix.
The new payment is expected to revolutionize the local payment industry in no time. The new system allows for the first time peer-to-peer money transfers, bills, and Boleto Bancário payments as well as taxes and service fees (such as passport issuing, for example) – in real-time. Similar to the European  SEPA system, Brazilians will now be able to pay and send funds 24/7 (including holidays), via mobile banking and online banking, both between individuals and organizations.

This new fast, transparent and secure payment method will be enabled through QR Codes, Address keys or Manual Filling in.

Register now to watch our free webinar and learn more about:

  • Which institutions are offering Pix
  • How the Pix user experience looks like
  • How Pix works for Payins and Payouts
  • What address/Pix keys are
  • How much Pix will cost