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The core of our business has no borders. dLocal enhances that by making our payments operations borderless, as well. They’ve simplified our market entry and continue to support us in tackling local market complexities.

Debora Pacheco,
Regional Business Leader at LightInTheBox

The Challenge

Scaling the business in Brazil and Mexico by localizing the buying experience but without operating a local entity.

LightinTheBox is based in China, but their business is global. The ecommerce giant works tirelessly to continuously grow its global customer base. In 2013, LightInTheBox was especially interested in scaling their business in Brazil and Mexico – two high-growth markets with great demand for affordable, Chinese-made goods.

Prior to partnering with dLocal, LightinTheBox was only able to accept international credit card in the region. However, because less than a quarter of the population in Brazil and Mexico had international cards, many users ended-up abandoning their shopping carts because they simply couldn’t complete the transaction – their locally-issued Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards were denied at the time of payment. Debora Pacheco, Regional Business Leader at LightInTheBox explains, “We needed a solution to broaden and localize our coverage with locally-preferred payment methods. It had to be compliant with local regulations, easy to integrate, supporting the latest technologies and offering market intelligence.”

The online retailer has always focused on operating efficiently and profitably in every market it competes; and LATAM was not going to be an exception. LightInTheBox was seeking an all-inclusive payments technology partner that would eliminate the pains and costs of integrating numerous local payment providers and would not require LightInTheBox to operate any physical entities in the region.

The Solution

Implementing a local payments strategy that enables every user in Brazil and Mexico to buy goods from LightInTheBox.

To implement its local payments strategy, LightInTheBox chose to partner with dLocal. Of main interest was dLocal’s proven expertise in LATAM payments and its exhaustive portfolio of all the locally-relevant payment methods for Brazil and Mexico.

With the ability to accept all local credit and debit cards, Boleto and Oxxo cash payments, and bank transfers, as well as offer monthly installments, LightInTheBox was quickly able to maximize its reach and focus its efforts on optimizing its regional product offerings and payment operations. The online retailer especially appreciated that dLocal had direct integrations with local acquirers and payment providers, so there were no known or unknown intermediaries to hinder payment conversions.

The Impact

Outpacing LATAM-focused competitors with quick market entry and deep insight into local market dynamics: Simplified market entry, without operating a local entity, helped the LightInTheBox to outpace many competitors eager to capture Brazil and Mexico’s demand for cost-effective goods. As LightInTheBox continued to grow its operations in Brazil and Mexico, dLocal’s account management team has regularly collaborated with the LightInTheBox’s business and payments teams on refining the checkout flow, interpreting payment
reports, testing conversion-optimization techniques and even designing seasonal promotions to boost sales.
Seamless expansion into India with no additional integration: In Q1 2018, four years into
its partnership with dLocal, LightInTheBox is expanding its business into India by leveraging its existing integration with dLocal. Because all supported countries and payment methods are automatically built into dLocal’s platform, merchants integrate only once, then expand globally at their own pace. By selecting dLocal as its payments platform for emerging markets, LightInTheBox continues to solidify their vision of a borderless online retailer all the while reducing its payment expansion costs exponentially with each new market launch.

About LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox (NYSE: LITB) is a fast growing, global online retail company with hundreds of millions of customers in 200 countries. It is a one stop shop for anything anyone would want to buy online – from the latest fashions to home decorations and electronics.

The 1000+ employee company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Beijing, China.