China eCommerce Market

The one trillion USD eCommerce market which keeps growing

Home to 1.4 billion people, fuelled by growing prosperity and a high percentage of banked population, Chinese eCommerce continues to expand rapidly by 27% a year.

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Market Overview China


Large banked population with 79% of Chinese having a bank account. Due to the regulatory environment, cross-border eCommerce is practically nonexistent, with 96% of eCommerce purchases conducted on domestic websites.

eCommerce - 1 trillion USD

China projects an eCommerce market growth of 23% by 2021. The market is mainly based on eWallet payments.

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1 Billion eShoppers

Chinese online shoppers most commonly use eWallets to pay for goods and services. The most popular categories are clothing, travel, and food.

Mobile eCommerce

Mobile is the device of preference among Chinese consumers accounting for 32% of total retail spend and more than 50% of the online spend.

China's eCommerce payment mix

Improve your payment acceptance by offering local payment methods in China

eWallets 49 %
Credit cards 25 %
Cash payments 9 %
Bank transfers 8 %
Others 9 %
Payment methods map in China

Gain insight into China's most relevant payment methods

Local payment methods are essential to boost your sales in China

Online bank transfers

With brands like ICBC and Bank of China, bank transfers account almost 10% of the eCommerce sales.

China Merchants Bank
Postal savings Bank of China
China Everbright Bank
SPD Bank
China Minsheng Bank
China Construction Bank
Agricultural Bank of China
Bank of China

Credit & Debit Cards

Local credit and debit cards, like UnionPay, account more than 25% of the total eCommerce sales.

Union Pay