Payments Infrastructure for all Platforms and Marketplaces

Whether it’s a ride-sharing, streaming, delivery platforms or marketplace, easily accept, split, and send payments between multiple Users on your Platform.

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Different roles of our Platform solution

Buy the product/services and chooses their preferred local payment method.
Manage all permissions and settings; user onboarding, KYC (Know Your Customer), fees/commissiones balances, withdrawal of funds and reporting.
From a restaurant to a creator, driver or seller. The ones who offer the service/product and accept payments from customers and forward them to dLocal for processing.
Processes the payment and collects the funds.

The fastest and easiest
way to boost payments in your platform

Manage user onboarding, balance, withdrawals, and reporting. All in one 100% white-label solution.

Onboard your Users
Seamleassly onboard and verify your Users at scale whether with or without KYC, having full control of the UX or using dLocal's hosted flow.
Accept payments
Allow your Users to accept payments from Customers in local currency, using the most relevant payment methods in emerging markets through our white-label checkout.
Split payments
Distribute payments between any number of Users or Platform accounts.
Being able to set the different fees/commissions according to your business model
Manage and automate settlement to your Users or Platform's bank account, or to dLocal-issued cards.
Manage your global Platform from one place. Consolidated reporting, refund and chargeback management.

Choose the option that best suits your Platform.

Get all of your Users up and running in a heartbeat whether with or without KYC. Use our white label solution, guaranteeing an excellent UX/UI by onboarding Users via our API.

In case you want to shorten integration times and efforts, we also have the option of our dashboard that allows Users to join them through it.

Users onboarding API
Platform gets information from the Users and sends it to dLocal via API Take advantage of a full White Label Solution, full UX/UI per Platform.
Dashboard onboarding
Your Users can easily onboard to dLocal by signing up through our dashboard and providing the necessary documentation.
Take advantage of saving time and integration efforts.

Let your Users maximize reach in emerging markets by dominating card, cash and mobile payments, bank transfers, digital wallets and more.

Ensure the best conversion rates with our conversion-enhancing features: smart routing, smart chaining, card verify, flexible 3D-Secure authentication and installments.

Choose how you would like to split payments between your Platform and your Users

Platform balance
Customers transacts with the Platform, which transfers funds to the User's balance after collecting Platform fees.
User balance
Customers transacts with one or more Users, often unaware of the Platform’s existence. The Platform may take fees from the transaction.
Different balances
A Customer makes a purchase and the Platform later transfers different amounts from the charge to multiple Users.
The Platform sends funds, unlinked to incoming payments/transaction, to the User’s bank/e-Wallet account.

The Platform withdraws commission/fee amounts and sends them to their international/local bank account

Users withdraw their funds directly from their User balance at USD/local currency by sending them to their local bank account or e-Wallet.

Manage your balance through the dashboard and access to detailed reporting of each of your User’s transactions

Your Users can also use the dashboard to view the details of their transactions and make withdrawals of their funds.

One platform, multiple use cases


Offer a 100% white-label solution to your Sellers and enable them to support local cards and alternative payment methods in their own Marketplace.

If you don’t have a KYC solution, we can take care of that too. Our simple yet powerful integration allows any Marketplace to start processing payments with multiple Sellers easily.

Marketplace Food delivery Exchange Ride-Sharing


Customize your own payment environment and build however way you want. Real-State, Food-Delivery, Ride-Hailing, Money Exchange, you name it! Connect to dLocal’s unique technology and solution, and start processing payments instantly.

dLocal Benefits

Sell more
Accept local currency and your Customer’s favorite payment methods with dynamically optimized payment acceptance.
100% compliant
dLocal takes care of local taxes and compliance.
Flexible Payments
Receive the funds in the date, currency and country of your choice risk-free.
Reach the unbanked
Unlock new users by accepting not only cards but also alternative payment methods such as cash, e-Wallets and mobile money.
No local entity needed
dLocal acts as merchant of record.

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