The ultimate guide to unlocking eCommerce growth in Morocco

Gain insights on eCommerce in Morocco: Market size, growth, payment preferences, regulatory development, and more.

Medina de Fez - Morocco

Morocco’s eCommerce market

High internet penetration, bank access, and financial inclusion makes Morocco an attractive emerging market for merchants.

Like other countries, COVID-19 spurred eCommerce purchases across the country, bringing the total volume to over US$500 million for the region.

Local payment habits in Morocco

Recent data shows a significant decline in cash-based payments for eCommerce, falling from 74% in 2018 to 41% in 2020.
Merchants who rely on international credit card processing can only access 10% of Moroccan eCommerce volume. Whereas, merchants who are prepared to accept local payment methods stand to benefit as eCommerce is poised to grow in the region.

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