India eCommerce Market

The 2nd fastest-growing economy of the world

As one of the largest B2C eCommerce markets, India is a must-have market for global eCommerce players to be present.

Market Overview India


Government and companies are pushing to increase the share of digital payments with initiatives such as UPI, demonetization, and discounts to pay for goods and services.

eCommerce - $42.4B

India's eCommerce market is growing at a steady annual rate of 23%.

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Indians are heavily oriented to domestic eCommerce purchases, 82% of online sales were to local, Indian merchants.

Mobile eCommerce

mCommerce is 56% of the eCommerce traffic and growing, offering countless opportunities for online sales and digital payments.

India's eCommerce payment mix

Improve your payment acceptance by offering local payment methods in India

Cash on delivery 26 %
International credit card 23 %
Debit card 18 %
eWallets 18 %
Bank transfers 9 %
Domestic cards 6 %
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Local payments, like UPI, Net Banking, PayTM, are essential to boost your sales in India


Cash comprises 26% of overall eCommerce transactions, but its share significantly decreased as a result of the demonetization in 2016.


Online Banking & eWallets

Bank transfers are becoming a common payment method for ePurchases. eWallets, especially Paytm, own a large share of the eCommerce market. Digital wallets and UPI will continue to increase their share of eCommerce payments.

Axis Bank
Union Bank of India
State Bank of India
Canara Bank

Credit & Debit Cards

Domestic credit card networks, such as Rupay, are on the rise. After cash, internationally-enabled credit card is the leading and still growing payment method.

American Express
Diners Club

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