Chile eCommerce Market

Latin America’s highest eCommerce transactions per capita

Chileans are comfortable with online shopping and spend almost twice as eShoppers in Argentina and Brazil, paying up to 70% through the local payment methods.

Market Overview Chile

Economy - GDP 298M

With a population of over 19M, Chile generates a GDP of 298M

eCommerce - $4.5B

Chile has the highest eCommerce transaction per capita in Latin America, with a ticket average of USD 222.

Ecommerce mobile phone image
eShoppers- 4M

85% of the eCommerce purchases are domestic.

Mobile shoppers - 1.5M

Extense internet penetration of over 92% and 1.5 M mobile shoppers

Chile’s eCommerce payment mix

Improve your payment acceptance by offering local payment methods in Chile.

International credit card 35 %
Domestic credit cards 25 %
Debit card via WebPay 25 %
Cash payments 10 %
Bank transfers 3 %
Others 2 %
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Gain insight into Chile’s most relevant payment methods

Local payments, like Webpay and ServiPag, are essential to establish a full payment coverage in Chile.


ServiPag is the primary cash payment method, although cash is less relevant in this market.


Online Bank Transfers & Debit Cards

Transbank, a conglomerate of local banks and owner of Webpay Plus, has the monopoly of online bank transfers. Hence, Webpay Plus has one of the highest adoption.

WebPay Red compra

Credit Cards

Credit and debit card dominate the payment mix. The performance increases significantly when using WebpayMore.

American Express
Diners Club
CMR Falabella

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