Colombia eCommerce Market

One of the most attractive LatAm markets for international sellers

An eCommerce market growing at a rate of 20% annually, a stable political environment and a burgeoning tech industry, are just some of the reasons to target the Colombian market.

Market Overview Colombia

Economy - GDP 4.6%

With a population of over 50M, Colombia has been witnessing a rising GDP with 4.6% annual growth in the past ten years

eCommerce - $7B

By 2021, the Colombian eCommerce transactions are projected to reach $15B

Ecommerce mobile phone image
eShoppers - 22M

70% of eShoppers use installments, the highest percentage in LATAM for eCommerce

Mobile shoppers - $7.5M

With an internet penetration of aprox. 70%, Colombia already counts with 7.5M mShoppers

Colombia’s eCommerce payment mix

Improve your payment acceptance by offering local payment methods in Colombia

International credit card 42 %
Bank transfers 24 %
Cash payments 15 %
Debit cards 11 %
Domestic credit cards 5 %
Others 3 %

Gain insights into Colombia’s most relevant payment methods

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Colombia offers a wide range of cash payment method, accounting 15% of the eCommerce payment


11 more retail agents

Online bank transfers

PSE consolidates the largest bank transfers system with inmediate payment confirmation.


Credit & Debit Cards

More than 70% of Colombia’s eCommerce purchases opt for installments through local card schemes.

American Express
Diners Club

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