Ecuador eCommerce Market

The only USD economy in Latin America

With a $1 billion eCommerce market and growing, Ecuador aims to maximize the advantage of a USD economy for eCommerce companies.

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Market Overview Ecuador


With a population of over 17M, Ecuador generates a GDP of $108M

eCommerce - $1B

Ecuador's eCommerce market is expected to reach $1.6B by 2021.

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eShoppers - 5M

Growing number of eShoppers as they gain trust with the digital environment.

Smartphone penetration - 80%

Mobile eCommerce is growing mainly due to the high internet penetration of around 80%.

Ecuador's eCommerce payment mix

Improve your payment acceptance by offering local payment methods in Ecuador.

International credit card 44 %
Debit card 24 %
eWallets 14 %
Cash payments 12 %
Bank transfers 2 %
Other 4 %
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Gain insight into Ecuador's most relevant payment methods

Local payments, like PagoEfectivo, are essential to boost your sales in Ecuador.


Cash and eWallets are trusted payment methods accounting 26% of the eCommerce sales.

Pago Efectivo

Credit & Debit Cards

Local credit and debit card dominate the payment landscape and account more than 60% of the total eCommerce sales.


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