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Customize your checkout with Smart Fields to boost conversion rates in emerging markets

Looking to stay PCI-compliant without handling CC information? You can have it both ways; tailor CC checkout forms on your site and have dLocal host the info. Here’s how.

Whether you are an SAQ-A compliant merchant, or you simply don’t want to handle credit card information internally, with Smart Fields you can easily customize the look and feel of your checkout while ensuring your business is compliant with PCI requirements.

Smart Fields renders an iframe to handle the input of the following payment fields on the checkout page: Card Number, CVV and Expiration date. The layout, width, height, and outer styling (border, box-shadow, background, etc.) of the checkout are left completely in your control. It uses a series of pre-built UI components, so the customization is quite simple and intuitive. This way, your team can focus on designing the most optimal checkout experience, while dLocal takes care of securely handling your customers’ credit card data, helping you maximize checkout conversions and boost revenues in emerging markets.

Our team has incorporated a number of additional clever capabilities to make the user experience much more intuitive, further improving conversion rates at the checkout:

  • Automatic card brand detection: based on the BIN number (first 6 digits of the PAN, Smart Fields identifies the card brand
Number card example
  • Dynamic localization: Smart Fields automatically detects which inputs are needed based on the cards’ country. What is more, placeholders in the checkout are translated into the customer’s preferred language.
  • Real-time validation: as the user types, real-time feedback will be automatically displayed. This helps preventing user errors. For example, the card number field is framed in red when the user inputs an incorrect number.
  • All checkouts made with Smart Fields UI toolkit are mobile responsive.

We’ve recently hosted a 30-minute Product Insights Webinar featuring Smart Fields.

Want a first-hand experience of how flexible Smart Fields checkouts can get? Check out our Github page or request a demo from our team.